It takes tremendous skill to explain very complex issues and information,  and explain them in a format and at a pace that ordinary individuals can understand.  This has been clearly demonstrated throughout today.  Although I have had the amazing privilege of being brought up in a Christian home, and already have a good knowledge of the Bible, it has been extremely helpful to come today and be reminded of the bird’s eye view, or overview, of the Bible in a unique and very dynamic way.


We all felt that John was extremely well at explaining the Bible and came across in an enthralling manner, keeping our interest at all times.

The McKernan Family

Seeing the overview of the Bible, its big picture, brings about the realisation of how big our God is and how he is in control of all things.

Joe Brown

To use John’s love of alliteration – Informative, Impressive, Inspiring!!

Rev Chris French, Leeds

A comprehensive, detailed overview of the Bible that was of immense spiritual blessing as well as highlighting areas I thought I understood. The notes you gave us are excellent, a very handy pocket guide. I am avidly re-reading the Bible and referring repeatedly to your charts, maps and tables, gaining a new perspective on many events.

Mark, Leeds

John Brand is passionately committed to preparing people to handle the Word of God properly. That comes across in his own preaching, but he also has the ability to pass this on to ordinary Christians who just want to get more from their Bibles. John can open up a small Bible passage in a way that people can see what it is actually saying, while at the same time making you aware that this is always best done against the background of the big Bible picture. Listening to John teach leaves you with the impression that the whole Bible story feeds in to the particular section you might be intending to get to grips with at any one time. These six hours will give you a bigger Bible for you own personal study.

Rev Dr Sandy Roger, Church of Scotland Minister, former Chaplain and Bible College Principal

“John Brand is a gifted, enthusiastic and highly effective Bible teacher whose passion for Christ is accompanied by a pastoral heart.”

Rev Eddie Larkman, Baptist Minister, Corsham, Wiltshire

John Brand combines all the skills of a true teacher of God’s word. He is a first rate scholar, an excellent communicator and above all a passionate enthusiast for unpacking the truths of the God’s word.  His  international travel  and first hand experience of the church in cross-cultural  settings  gives added weight to his teaching ministry in this our modern post -christian society. 

Rev. Norman Mackay, Free Church of Scotland Minister and former WEC Missionary to 10/40 window

I have found John’s preaching and teaching to be Gospel-centred, with clarity and conviction – every time.  I warmly recommend this course!

Rev Kieran Banks, Baptist Minister, Bellshill, Lanarkshire