These six hours will give you a bigger Bible…”   (Dr Sandy Roger)


Do you know your Jeremiah from your Jeroboam; your Elisha from your Elijah?

Do you know when the Exodus was, or the Exile?

Where were Jerusalem, Jericho and Joppa?

Who were Habakkuk and Hezekiah?

Did you know that Adam and Noah were alive at the same time or what was the last letter Paul wrote?

 For many – perhaps most – Christians, vast sections of the Bible are either ‘no go’ or at least ‘not gone’ areas. They are strangers to much of God’s exciting and important revelation to us.

The Bible in a Day is designed to change all that.

  • We will make you feel at home in the worlds of the Old and New Testaments and help you join up all the pieces in a clear and helpful way.
  • We’ll give you the what, where, when, who and why of all the major events and  sections of the Bible.

 6,000 years in 66 Bible books in 6 hours.

With lots of visuals, opportunities for questions and a work book and notes, this is a great way to really get to know your Bible.

The Bible in a Day  seminar is designed to be presented as an all day event, usually structured in the following way.

 9.30 am                   Welcome and registration

10.00 am                  Session 1biad pie

11.30 am                   Break

11.45 am                   Session 2

1.15 pm                     Lunch

2.00 pm                   Session 3

3.30 pm                    Break

3.45 pm                    Session 4

5.15pm                      Finish


However, it could also be held over 2 or 3 midweek evenings or in some other format.    It could be hosted by a church or a local group of churches, for example.  We are keen to be as flexible as we can so that this teaching tool is as widely used as possible.

Cost: The usual cost for a seminar is £30 per person, and this includes a notes and refreshments.    There is a 10% discount for students and concessions.

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